Will We Ever Find Peter Falconio?

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20 Jul 2020 · 13 minutes

Will We Ever Find Peter Falconio?
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It's been 19 years since backpacker Peter Falconio went missing while travelling through the Northern Territory with his girlfriend Joanne Lees. His body has never been found. 

Bradley John Murdoch is in jail, found guilty of his murder. Books have been written, hundreds of articles published and a miniseries made. Channel 7 recently screened a new documentary about the case, claiming to have new information and it was a big ratings winner. 

Why can't we let Peter and Joanne's story go? And, will Peter Falconio's body ever be found?

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Host/Producer: Gemma Bath 

Executive Producer: Melanie Tait

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Guests:  Sue Williams, author of And Then The Darkness:  The Disappearance of Peter Falconio and the Trial of Joanne Lees


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