The Story Of The Desperate Australian Children Left Behind By ISIS

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The Story Of The Desperate Australian Children Left Behind By ISIS

Teenager Hoda Sharrouf and her sisters want to come home to Australia, the problem is, they're the daughters of Aussie ISIS fighter Khaled Sharrouf and his wife Tara Nettleton.

With both of their parents now dead and the daughters trying to survive in a squalid and dangerous refugee camp, the politics of their situation is now in the headlines. Do we bring the children who had no say in joining the caliphate home or have they already been too far indoctrinated to rejoin a peaceful Australian society.

Sydney morning Herald Journalist David Wroe has been to the camp and has seen with his own eyes the conditions that the Sharrouf girls are now being forced to live in, he gives us his take on whether Hoda and her sisters should be welcomed back.


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Thanks to our special guest Sydney Morning Herald Journalist David Wroe

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