BEST OF 2020: The Great Hunt For The Mysterious G-Spot

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03 Jan 2021 · 13 minutes

BEST OF 2020: The Great Hunt For The Mysterious G-Spot
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This episode of The Quicky is intensely adult, so remember that if you're playing it with little ears around!

Do you know where your G-Spot is? Have you located it and have you had that promised earth-shattering orgasm? 

The Quicky is deep-diving into a woman's G-Spot. Where is it exactly? What do you have to do to locate it? What's actually happening to your body when the right kind of pressure is applied?  So many questions!  Thank goodness we've got all the answers. 

This episode was originally published on February 14th, and is part of our 2020 Best Of series.

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy 

Executive Producer: Melanie Tait

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Guests:  Dr Jane Chalmers, Lecturer in Physiotherapy at Western Sydney University


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