Why Quotas Might Be The Only Way To Fix Canberra

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Why Quotas Might Be The Only Way To Fix Canberra

With an ongoing series of disturbing allegations of sexual harassment and bullying in Parliament House, many people are questioning whether quotas aiming for 50% female representation might help to burst Canberra's misogynistic bubble.

It's not a new idea but it remains deeply divisive as many men and women insist people should be hired and promoted based solely on merit, but if that is supposedly already happening, why do we still see so few women at the top?

The Quicky speaks to an expert in business and economics to find out how unofficial quotas are already in place in many offices helping men to get ahead, and why we shouldn't be afraid to embrace quotas for women.

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

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Prashant Bordia - Professor of Management at the Australian National University's College of Business and Economics.


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