What Do We Do About Michael Jackson's Music?

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11 Mar 2019 · 9 minutes

What Do We Do About Michael Jackson's Music?
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The documentary Leaving Neverland has left in its wake shock from those who watched and believe, anger form those who watched and don't believe and from Michael Jackson fans who say they don't need to watch, the fact they will still forever carry on loving the music and the man.

Today we're looking at Cancel Culture. Should Michael Jackson's music still be played and enjoyed considering the child sexual assault allegations we've now heard in such detail?



Host/Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Elle Beattie

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri

Thanks to our guests, from the New York Times Johan Bromwich and our wonderful pod phone callers who told us how they feel about Michael Jackson and his music - if you ever want to weigh on on any topic, you can call too on 02 8999 9386

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