The Four Ways The Palestinian Israeli Conflict Could End

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The Four Ways The Palestinian Israeli Conflict Could End

It's now been 12 days since Hamas launched their deadly attack on Israel and the retaliation in Gaza shows no signs of easing. 

As the civilian toll continues to rise, and the devastating impacts of this terror plot persist, discussions are underway regarding a possible ground offensive and involvement of neighbouring countries.

The pressing questions now are: What does this mean for the people in Gaza, where casualties are in the thousands? What about Israelis who have lost at least 1400 of their own? And who else might become involved in this conflict?

In this episode of The Quicky, we examine the potential developments as the fight for one of the most bitterly contested regions on Earth persists.

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Host: Claire Murphy

With thanks to: 

Dr Keith Suter - Consultant on Strategic Planning and a Futurist who specialises in the international law of Guerilla warfare. 

Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Kally Borg

Audio Producer: Thom Lion