Legalising Cannabis: About Damn Time Or Dangerous?

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Legalising Cannabis: About Damn Time Or Dangerous?

Today is April 20, a day that cannabis producers, consumers and advocates will come together to celebrate marijuana. 

It's a national day for cannabis culture in the US, and many are saying it's time Australia follow the lead of many American states and legalise marijuana for recreational purposes. 

But there are some who are concerned that this will open up the door for misuse and that it will end up having impacts on those who partake. 

In this episode of The Quicky, we look at the pros and cons of cannabis use and whether legalising it has created a monster or a pathway for relief. 

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Host: Claire Murphy

With thanks to: 

Dr Nicole Lee - Professor at the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University 

Senator David Shoebridge - The Greens Senator 

Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Kally Borg

Audio Producer: Thom Lion