A Prude and a Pornstar walk into a studio.

The Prude & The Pornstar

Mamamia Podcasts

A Prude and a Pornstar walk into a studio.


This podcast contains very explicit content.

Madison Missina has had sex with over 12,000 people. Carla has had sex with one. Together they are the Prude and the Pornstar.

This is the podcast that talks sex, relationships, fetishes, and frigidity. Madison and Carla take your deepest, darkest questions, look at the strange things that turn us on, and dish out small tips on how you can improve your own sex life. 

From the woman who had sex with a tree, to the weirdest thing Madison has ever done as a sex worker, they flesh out the answers in a judgement-free zone. 

Get ready to learn, laugh, and listen...with your earphones on. This is strictly adults only.

Show notes:

Your hosts are Madison Missina and Carla GS.

This show was produced by Monique Bowley and Lizzie Marton. 

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