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Welcome to That’s Incredible!  A podcast about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us.  Things you might never have noticed before!

Have you ever gone a whole day without hearing any music? I bet you haven’t!  Music is everywhere. On the radio, outside when birds are singing, in movies, computer games, even that awful sound that comes from the bathroom when dad’s having a shower! 

In this episode, we're going to learn some awesome facts about music and we'll hear from Lucy Durack about what it was like to sing in front of The Queen!

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Make some music!

Find anything around the house that makes a noise and play your own tune on it.  Maybe you can make a twang on some rubber bands or fill a bottle with some water and blow across the top of it to make a wind instrument. 

Or you can just hit some pots and pans with a spoon!

Make a recording or a video of it and send it to us at [email protected]


Host: Andrew Daddo

Guest: Lucy Durack

Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett

Senior Producers: Elise Cooper & Rachael Hart

Audio Production: Elise Cooper

Editor: Elise Cooper

Editing Assistance: Ian Camilleri & Rachel Corbett

Scriptwriters: Subby Valentine, Peter Green & Rachel Corbett

Script Editor: Holly Wainwright

Script Consultant: Angela McLean

Thanks to our cast of incredible kids... Summer Waller, Sofia Lefebvre, Indiana Yates, George Cook, Amelia Cook and Lucia Bartlam.


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