What The Comey Just Happened

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11 Jun 2017 · 41 minutes

What The Comey Just Happened
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We need to talk about Comey. James Comey, that is. The former head of the FBI gave a testimony at the end of last week that had everyone forgetting about Covefe and asking what the hell was going on. Is this the beginning of the end for Trump? The end of the beginning? Or just no big deal? Amelia has the answers. Plus, if you are considering building a bunker in your backyard, Mia has the perfect book that will distract you. 

Join Mia Freedman and Washington-based journalist Amelia Lester as they discuss the latest in politics and pop culture, and tell each other (and you) that it is going to be okay...

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Your hosts are Mia Freedman & Amelia Lester

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