The Adult Day Care Centre Formerly Known As The White House

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11 Oct 2017 · 25 minutes

The Adult Day Care Centre Formerly Known As The White House
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The President wants to compare IQ test scores with the man who called him a moron. Pass the popcorn. Plus, there’s more evidence to show just how Russia weaponised Facebook to swing the election away from Hillary and towards Putin’s BFF, Donald Trump. Not only did their anti-Hillary Facebook ads reach millions of people, they also created fake groups to spout their lies and enlisted some ‘rappers’ that need to be heard to be believed and even then you won’t believe it. Sheryl Sandburg, Facebook’s COO is headed to Washington this week to answer some tough questions. Amelia is away this week, and our equally Trump-obsessed Director of Podcasts Rachel Corbett sits alongside Mia.

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Your hosts are Rachel Corbett and Mia Freedman.

This show is produced by Luca Lavigne.

The Director of Podcasts is Rachel Corbett. 

The Head of Content is Holly Wainwright.

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