Three Women. Too Much Information.


03 Nov 2019 · 31 minutes

Three Women. Too Much Information.
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Welcome to the very first episode of Overshare!  

Hosted by Kelly McCarren, Flex Mami (Lil) & Lama Zakharia this podcast is like an invite into a private, adults-only group chat.  So if there are little kids around it's probably best to put some little ear muffs on them.

In this ep, Lem asks whether it's ok to still be in contact with your ex on social media and Kelly reveals the most immature thing she's done to make an ex-boyfriend jealous.

Flex asks about therapy and whether we really need it.

And Kel jumps right into the TMI deep end with a story about something unexpected she found up her you know what.

It's smart, it's dumb, it's taboo so get listening!


Hosts: Kelly McCarren, Flex Mami & Lama Zakharia

Producer: Rachael Hart


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