When Anne Met Andrew: A Mother's Story

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When Anne Met Andrew: A Mother's Story

We've wanted to bring you this story for a while now - because it's a story that's played out in our extended Mamamia family. 

Anne Stephens (mother of Mamamia's Clare Stephens and Jessie Stephens) was twenty-two and finishing her teaching degree when she discovered she was pregnant. 

It was 1982 and things were different then. She couldn't see where she could give the baby the life she wanted for him. 

37 years later, he found her. You'll hear Andrew's story later this week on No Filter. 

Jessie and Clare Stephens are Anne’s daughters (she also has twin sons, Jack and Nick) and they have written beautifully on Mamamia about the experience of finding their mystery brother’s birth certificate when they were 14 years old and what it was like to finally watch his reunion with their mother almost 15 years later on the other side of the world. You can read their story here. https://www.mamamia.com.au/adoption-australia/


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Guest: Anne Stephens

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