The Ultimate Gift Of Love

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The Ultimate Gift Of Love

Daniel Germanos was completing his HSC when he found out his kidneys were failing. He was 17. He played rep soccer, was fun loving, and had never had a problem with his health before. Yet, out of nowhere he got sick. His mum Rita and Dad George, along with his three older siblings were blindsided.The family knew they would have to do everything in their power to try and make him better. And that’s exactly what they did. Rita and George join Mia Freedman to talk about the reality of living on the organ donor list, and what happens when you decide you will do anything in your power to save your child's life. 

Show Notes

Your host was Mia Freedman

With thanks to George and Rita Germanos. Find out more about organ donation in Australia here.

This show was produced by Elissa Ratliff.

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