What Happened To Sophie Delezio

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What Happened To Sophie Delezio

In 2003, a two-year-old girl captured the hearts of Australians when she was involved in an accident at her NSW childcare centre. Her name was Sophie Delezio. A vehicle crashed into the centre and caught alight, trapping Sophie and burning 85% of her body. After that accident, she lost both her legs below the knee, her right hand and ear.

Three years later, in May 2006, Sophie was hit by a car as her nanny pushed her wheelchair across the road. The car threw her 18 metres from her wheelchair and resulted in a broken jaw, broken ribs, fractured collarbone and a punctured lung as well as bleeding on her brain and a heart attack. 

But after all of that, she lived. Oh boy did she live.

And this is her story. 


To find out more about Sophie's charity, Day of Difference, head to https://dayofdifference.org.au/


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