Melissa Hopkins Was Tired Of Hiding

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Melissa Hopkins Was Tired Of Hiding

It was 2018. Late at night. Melissa Hopkins was sitting in her bed. She was about to reveal something deeply personal about herself to the world, something that she had been suffering with for over 20 years but had never spoken about publicly, but on the eve of R U OK day in 2018, a suicide prevention day in Australia that aims to start conversations about mental health, Melissa decided to speak out.

You see Melissa is the Head of Consumer Marketing at Optus which essentially means she is a very important person in a very big company but unbeknownst to her colleagues, both past and present, Melissa had been suffering from severe depression since she was a teenager. 

It was something she didn’t talk about publicly in case people’s perception of her changed as a person and as a boss. 

But since that moment, her world has gotten so much better. She joins Mia to talk about it...

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