When Your Carer Is Your Abuser: Nicole Lee's Incredible Story

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08 Dec 2019 · 56 minutes

When Your Carer Is Your Abuser: Nicole Lee's Incredible Story
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For 10 years Nicole Lee and her children were trapped, living with an abusive partner who was also Nicole's primary carer.

Nicole uses a wheelchair and what began as a whirlwind romance turned toxic after the birth of their first child. The way out of this prison for Nicole was unexpected and the consequences were life-long for everyone involved.

Today, Nicole is a powerhouse in advocacy for women living with a disability and victims of family violence and she joins Mia Freedman in her first podcast interview to tell her story.

Nicole wanted to mention that when she uses the word "stupid" in this interview, it was set in the context of her previous relationship and she acknowledges that it can be a very damaging word for many people. This is an ableist slur and is no longer an acceptable word to use.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guests to Nicole Lee, you can view her writing here

Producer: Eliza Ratliff and  Bridget Northeast


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