A Wedding, A Funeral And A Beard That's Saving Lives

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A Wedding, A Funeral And A Beard That's Saving Lives

Today's No Filter episode features a man with a beard. But it's not just any beard. 

Jimmy Niggle's life changed forever 10 years ago when he was 26 and sitting at his best friends wake. As beers were being passed around and stories told, Jimmy decided to change his life.

But how exactly is a beard life changing?

Since that moment, Jimmy has become a bit famous but not just because of his beard or the heartfelt story behind it. Earlier this year, he married the love of his life and their wedding unexpectedly became a massive media story for all the wrong reasons.

In this conversation, Jimmy discusses friendship, love and what happens when your wedding becomes a national health crisis. 

You can check out Beard Season here - https://beardseason.com/  and here https://www.instagram.com/beardseason/?hl=en.


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With thanks to our guest: Jimmy Niggles. 

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