Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane

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Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane

By the age of  24, water polo player Keli Lane had accidentally fallen pregnant five times in seven years. The first two times, Keli terminated her pregnancies. The next three times she carried her babies to term without telling a soul.

Two of the babies were adopted out but it was the birth and then disappearance of her second daughter Tegan, that would land Keli in jail for 18 years.

The court convicted Keli of murdering her baby in 2011 but she has always maintained her innocence.  

In 2016 she asked ABC investigative journalist Caro Meldrum Hanna to look into the case again.

What Caro found was revealed in a new documentary Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane, and she joins Mia to discuss it...

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Caro Meldrum Hanna.

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Producer: Elissa Ratliff


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