Em Rusciano is a Try Hard

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Em Rusciano is a Try Hard

Marriage is hard. Kids are hard. Carving a career in the music industry is hard. Luckily, Em Rusciano is a try-hard. You might know her from her brutally honest facebook page, from her time on Australian Idol, her brekkie radio gigs, her side-splitting standup, maybe you ran alongside her at athletics or your kids go to school with hers. But this refreshingly honest conversation gets to the core of who Em Rusciano is.  Because when you spend your life on show for others, you have to work out who you really are. And Em, more than anyone, lays it all bare; her demons, her foibles, her guts and determination, and mostly, her heart on her sleeve. 

Show Notes

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With thanks to special guest Em Rusciano

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