Dotty Charles On Outrage: Why Everyone Is Shouting And No One Is Talking

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16 Aug 2020 · 45 minutes

Dotty Charles On Outrage: Why Everyone Is Shouting And No One Is Talking
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It all started with a holiday to Thailand and a hoodie with a picture of a monkey on it.  That’s how Dotty Charles knew that the world had reached peak outrage.

Dotty, also known as Ashley, Amplify Dot or A.Dot, is an English rapper, former BBC presenter and broadcaster. She's just started a new job as Lead Cultural Curator of Black Music for Apple and she's written a book called Outraged: Why Everyone Is Shouting But No One Is Talking

Dotty’s message is clear: there are many valid things that we should be outraged about but if we’re outraged about everything all the time, outrage itself becomes almost meaningless. And nothing changes.

So how do we break this outrage cycle of addiction so many people seem to be stuck in?

And how do you talk about outrage culture without being destroyed yourself? 

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