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Annabel Crabb Can Make Anything Interesting

Annabel Crabb can make anything interesting. Whether she’s making Cory Bernardi seem human or making paella with some obscure backbencher on her hit ABCTV show Kitchen Cabinet, she is one of the most smart and delightful women on the planet. It is no surprise then, that her new show about Parliament House is extremely compelling. Yes, you just read that sentence. From a fight over the kangaroo’s scrotum on the coat of arms, the politician who keeps a fully stocked pantry in their office and even the fact that Annabel wore the same three outfits during the 10 months of filming it took to make this show, she genuinely makes Australia’s most powerful house come to life. You will be riveted - not just by the show, but by hearing her talk about it...

Show Notes

Your host is Mia Freedman.

With thanks to special guest Annabel Crabb

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