Amy Sheppard’s #KissMyFatAss Movement

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Amy Sheppard’s #KissMyFatAss Movement

Brisbane based singer/songwriter Amy Sheppard spent years altering the way she looked in her Instagram photos. Like most women who upload images to their feeds, she wanted to look polished, smooth, perfect. 

And then she realised that she was making the women, both young and old who follow her, feel bad about their bodies. 

So she decided to stop. She stopped editing out her cellulite. Stopped smoothing her legs. She stopped making herself look airbrushed. 

And instead, she started a movement called Kiss My Fat Ass - that promotes normal features such as cellulite, rolls, and scars.

You see Amy is a member of Aria award-winning Aussie band Sheppard - alongside two of her siblings. And aside from making hit songs like Geronimo and now Kiss My Fat Ass, she has decided to make Instagram and the world a better place.

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Host: Mia Freedman 

With thanks to special guest Amy Sheppard 

Watch her #KissMyFatAss video clip here:

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