Friendship: Who Are My ‘Real’ Friends, Now?

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Friendship: Who Are My ‘Real’ Friends, Now?

Friendship can be a fraught topic for lots of mums, with feelings of conflict and confusion about how to form new connections and keep old friends close if your lives are now very different. 

In this episode, Laura Jackal tells us how she felt she couldn’t be herself in her mothers’ group, while Emilyeen Filradi reveals her biggest regrets when it comes to friendships and Melanie Dimmitt shares who her true support network was when her son was diagnosed with a disability. 

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Host: Laura Byrne @ladyandacat

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Producer and Editor: Lama Zakharia 

Head of Audio: Bridget Northeast

Thanks to all the mums who featured in this episode, for sharing their stories to make all mums feel like they’re not alone

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