The Bachelor: Sexual Chemistry and Hometown Dramas

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The Bachelor: Sexual Chemistry and Hometown Dramas

If the vein on Matt's forehead wasn't strong enough to part the Red Sea before, then a series of house visits will surely prove to be the tipping point...

That's right, this week it's Hometowns and everyone knows nothing spells "stress" like meeting the parents.

The Abbie Vs. Elly showdown is finally over meaning that Renny, Rachel and Keryn are deep-diving on all the juiciest moments from this week's special episode of the Hometown visits.  

From a view of Brisbane City as unforgettable as the cringe-worthy pash-fest that followed, through to dinner with Helena's family that proves she might not be as memorable as she once thought, this is the only recap of The Bachelor you'll need to get you up to speed...

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Hosts: Rachael Hart, Keryn Donnelly and Renny Beazley

Producer: Amelia Navascues

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