Women's Voices Are The Worst. Apparently.

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Women's Voices Are The Worst. Apparently.

Are you a woman? Do you have a voice? You're probably doing it wrong.  From uptalking to vocal fry to missing out on being hired for jobs, why do we judge women on the pitch of their voice? Plus, would you let your partner take your name? Would you cuddle a stranger? And why parents need to calm down about babies on flights. 


Show Notes:

Grow up Kate Moss.

The Hug app

Where the food from Masterchef ends up

Mia recommends colouring in for adults. If you bought the book and are yet to complete a single page, email us.

Here's the podcast Love and Radio

Sarah MacDonald recommends Transparent, which is available on Stan (Not netflix, sorry)

Monique recommends white noise for anyone that works in an open plan office.

Your hosts were Mia FreedmanSarah MacDonald and Monique Bowley.

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