We asked Mark Latham to rate this show

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We asked Mark Latham to rate this show

A bumper episode, fatter than a cream-filled lamington. Should we change the date of Australia Day? If we become a republic, what happens to the Ashes? Mia has discovered the Ethiopian Kardashians, and we asked fellow podcaster Mark Latham to tell us how we could improve the show. 

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Your hosts are 

Monique BowleyMia Freedman and Jamila Rizvi 

With thanks to Peter FitzSimons

The original "Lathamland" podcast featuring Mark Latham appeared on Triple M, Southern Cross Austereo.

Mia recommends: The Chelsea Handler show on Netflix, The Beautiful Lie, on the ABC iview or itunes, as well as SBS's The Tribe.

Monique's calling for a 90's flashback with Twin Peaks (on Stan)

And Jamila says Stan Grant's racism speech is essential viewing.