Tony Abbott Does Not Get A Rose

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08 Sep 2015 · 45 minutes

Tony Abbott Does Not Get A Rose
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The big story right around the world this week was that photo.  The image of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi washed up on the beach highlighted the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria. Today, we ask: was it ok to turn away from that image? And how has it changed us? Also we’re at the tail end of The Bachelor and Rosie Waterland has noticed something about this season that’s veryyyyyyy interesting.

The show is hosted by Monique Bowley and Mia Freedman and thanks to Amy Stockwell
Mia recommends Julia Baird’s extraordinary piece in the NY times
Amy Stockwell can't stop watching Mr Robot. Amazing tv show about hackers starring Christian Slater.
Monique recommends everyone sending a letter to an asylum seeker
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