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This One's For The Bush

Right now, 99% of New South Wales is in drought. Other parts of the country are in drought, on drought watch or about to go into drought onset. For us here in the city, it’s really easy to assume that it rains all the time. But when you’ve been waiting for rain for most of the year - things can get pretty tough.

Which is why, here at Mamamia Out Loud - we want to help. So - we’re taking our Mamamia Out Loud live shows, to two of the biggest regional hubs in New South Wales - Tamworth and Dubbo.

And all profits raised will be put back into the communities, thanks to the charity we are partnering with - Drought Angels.

We will be in Tamworth on Friday the 17th of August and Dubbo Thursday the 20th of September.

Find tickets here.