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Here at Mamamia Out Loud we wondered how we should talk about the devastating suicide of 14-year-old Dolly Everett.

Would we be invading the families privacy? What could we add to the conversation?  How could we make a difference?

But we realised when tragedies happen you need to talk about them.  To process them, to shed light on them and to try to prevent them from happening again. 

To do this we rang friend of the show Rebecca Sparrow, a woman who talks to teenage girls for a living to learn more about what we can do. 

If you are going through a difficult time and feel like you need help or just someone to talk to, please ring Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Since we're a show of light and shade, we also discuss if women quitting there jobs is the right way to close the gender pay gap and why Kanye West is forcing Kim Kardashian to wear teeny tiny sunglasses.

Like we said, we're a show of light and shade.

Show Notes
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