There's Only One Word for 2016

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There's Only One Word for 2016

Vision boards are soooo 2010. This year, it's all about the one word mantra. Can Ricky Gervais get some smarter jokes plz? "Parent sex" has entered the vernacular, women's mags dump the term 'bikini body' and what's it like when you fall in love with your friend? Truthbombs aplenty, guys. Maybe that's what our podcast word can be. TRUTHBOMB.

Show notes:

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

The app that stops you saying sorry in emails

 A comprehensive guide to "parent sex"

From New York Magazine: When friendships become an intense emotional affair

Jamila recommends This American Life: The Poetry Of Propaganda

Mia recommends the Planet Money podcast about the trickery of gyms

She's desperate for someone else to watch Flesh and Bone (on Stan)

and Transparent (also on Stan)

Monz recommends Party Down  and also Dawsons Creek for a nostagia kick (on stan or youtube)

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