The Trouble With Amy Schumer

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The Trouble With Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is everything. The comedian, actor and feminist is our hero. And when Monique Bowley went to interview her, she was excited. Except it ended up being an actual trainwreck.

Plus the wedding trend deemed "worst of all time", why magazines still sex up smart women, the compelling case for Jimmy Barnes avatars and the one thing Mia Freedman does when she walks past abortion protestors. 

Show notes

Who is Amy Schumer anyway and why do I need to love her? 

Mick Fanning is a hero

Jimmy Barnes, we salute you for your anti-racist stance


North West has a Personal Trainer. What's your two-year-old doing?

The bill to stop abortion protestors 

Mia recommends UnREAL on Stan

Monique recommends Throw Away Mail

Susan recommends eating more broccoli and working less. 


Your hosts were Mia FreedmanSusan Carland and Monique Bowley

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