The Tampon Tax Is A Bloody Outrage. Period.

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The Tampon Tax Is A Bloody Outrage. Period.

We’re seeing red over the Tampon Tax.  What the heck is 'hate reading?' A note to every man who wants to send a dick pic. And the case for quitting extra-curricular activities.


Show notes

The Great lotto scandal we're obsessed with.

The 10 most unfaithful names in the world 

If you the rare speciman that likes to see Dic Pics, email [email protected]

This is how much you would save if the tampon tax was abolished

Sign the petition here. 

Tanya Plibersek on Marriage Equality

Mia recommends Grace and Frankie

Monique recommends the app RunPee

Dee has gone deep into The Duggars.


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