The Suffragettes Didn't Fight For Tequila

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The Suffragettes Didn't Fight For Tequila

We need to talk about Frances Abbott. The youngest daughter of former PM Tony has been everywhere this week - first in her bikini on a body-building stage and then as a vocal opponent of her father’s ‘No’ campaign on the marriage equality postal vote. What must it be like around that Sunday dinner table right now?

Plus, are you a slave to your ‘to-do’ list? Lots of A-types swear by them, but Happiness guru Gretchen Rubin thinks we might actually be better-served by creating a ta-da list instead.

Three Kardashian’s are pregnant. Is this the best PR stunt the family has ever pulled?

And, Comedian Dawn French caused a media storm in a shotglass this week when she questioned whether young women getting drunk and having ‘casual sex’ is really what the suffragettes fought for - but is this, in the words of Jessie Stephens, problematic?

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