What No One Is Saying About ‘The Poo Jogger’

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What No One Is Saying About ‘The Poo Jogger’

At 6:30 am on October 10th, a jogger was filmed relieving herself outside Roxy Jacenko’s office. Shortly after, Jacenko posted a video that went absolutely viral. So, Mia asks whether this behavior can ever be excused and if yes, under what circumstances? 

Also, Kyle and his KIIS FM co-host Jackie O, have reportedly signed one of the biggest media deals in Australian history, earning approximately $7-8 million per year.  Holly wants to know is anyone who isn’t saving the world worth $40,000 a day?

Plus, research has shown that owning a dog can lower your risk of dying early by 24%. Jessie dives deep on why cuddling your little pup can massively enhance your mood and also help you be present in the moment.


Mia: Shrill on SBS

And the Lady Startup Activation Plan
Holly: Clarke Gayford on Instagram
Jessie: The Mysterious Mr. Epstein podcast

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