The Politics of Changing Your Name

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The Politics of Changing Your Name

What's in a name? Plenty. We talk the politics of changing your name when you get married. It's Logies nomination week and there's a couple of names missing from the list... and what's the average time of the average lovemaking session? Not fast enough. 

Show notes:

Your hosts are Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito.


Mia: realmiafreed

Monique: moniquebowley

KAte: Kdbmedia

The Peggy Orenstein book, Girls and Sex, is here

Mia recommends Helen Garner's new novel, Everywhere I Look

And the documentary about the making of Matilda - Matilda And Me, on iview.

Monique recommends this episode of This American Life; The Convert

Kate De Brito recommmends Billions, on Stan. 

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