The Only Hijab On The Red Carpet

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20 Apr 2016 · 54 minutes

The Only Hijab On The Red Carpet
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Susan Carland is back on the podcast, and yes, we know she's a whip-smart academic but we have ALL the questions about her Logies preparation. Sorry not sorry. 

Also today, does Michelle Bridges have a point about fat people? Do we expect too much of our champion sportspersons? And is everyone stealing from self-serve supermarket checkouts? 

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This show is hosted and produced by Monique Bowley, with Kate De Brito and Susan Carland.

Monique's Anzac Recipe is here

Kate De Brito loved this piece in the Guardian about Monica Lewinksi

Susan Carland is checking her eggs are freerange with the CluckAR app.

And thanks to Uncle Tobys for sponsoring the show and bringing the good news

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