The One Where Mia Frees Her Nipples.

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The One Where Mia Frees Her Nipples.

Why are men's nipples not offensive in public but women's are? Mia Freedman ponders, shirtless, the Free The Nipple movement. Please welcome Michelle Bridges to the judgy-judgy mothers club where women are the (biggest) losers. If Australia is a multicultural nation why are so many faces on our TV so white? And why "find a job you love" is a lie.

Show notes:

The Michelle Bridges furore 

Free The Nipple, Explained.

Monz recommends reading Purity by Jonathan Franzen (and setting an alarm clock to read it by)

Mia recommends Sloane Crossley's book and Nora Ephron essays.

Jam recommends Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast

And these essays:

The Nation He Built:

The Big Sleep:

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Monique BowleyMia Freedman and Jamila Rizvi 

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