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A big fat footy glass ceiling just got smashed this week. Is Rebecca Maddern, as the first women AFL Footy Show panelist, the ultimate woman in a man’s world?

Susan Carland joins the team to talk about what's making news. (She's a wickedly smart sociologist so of course we talked about Kim Kardashian's sex tape). 

Does it matter if your engagement ring is fake? Would you call a stranger just to complain about something? And a man is not a financial plan, unless that man is your dad, and then it's fine. 

Show notes

This show was hosted by Monique Bowley with Kate De Brito and Dr Susan Carland.

Mia Freedman will be back next week. You can see what she's been up to on Snapchat.

Susan recommends the podcasts: Short and Curly, and The Philosophers Zone

KdB is reading Maestra by LS Hilton

And Monique reckons Caitlin Moran's Moranthology is a bit of alright.

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