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The Girl Who Quit Social Media

What makes a Gen Y social media star snap? The story behind  Instagram model Essena O’Neill. We need to talk about Lorna Jane's fridge and Nigella's avocado toast. And the first female to win the Melbourne Cup, Michelle Payne, captured the nation and forced Mia to talk about sport. Plus all the stuff you need to be watching, reading and listening to in your life. You're welcome.


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Baby showers are on the way out 

Things not to do when you visit a newborn baby

Essena O'Neill on Instagram

Jamila is obsessed with Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa and her Beat Poetry 

Mia loves the latest episode of Just Between Us about life in your 40's.

She also is loving Simple Note.

Jam loves the show Sense8. On Netflix. If you like Homeland, you'll love it.

Monique is into the app Room For Thought

And your homework this week is to watch Black Mirror. 

Thanks to Rebecca Sparrow who wrote this about Essena

Your hosts are Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and Jamila Rizvi.

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