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The Butt Wants What The Butt Wants

Let's take a good look at Susan Sarandon’s rack.  Can someone please explain Kanye West? What does the Zika virus mean for our Olympic careers? And why one of the most iconic movies of all time actually sends some pretty bad messages. 

Plus, Bronson Blessington was jailed for life at just 14 years of age. Should he still be behind bars for a crime committed as a child?

And we welcome a new arse into the podcast chair: Editor in Chief Kate de Brito. 

Show notes

Your hosts are 

Monique BowleyMia Freedman and Kate de Brito

With thanks to Clare Stephens

Mia recommends: Ideas at the House by Sydney Opera House and Peter FitzSimonsbiography of Nene King. Which you can find here.

Monique thinks everyone should watch the movie Up!

And Kate recommends Mozart in the Jungle on Stan and Gut by Giulia Enders