The Band Is Back Together

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The Band Is Back Together

Jamila Rizvi returns to the podcast for a week of spills and magazine thrills. How are the ladies of Australia coping without their Minister For Women? Should men get a Minister too? Why First Lady Lucy Turnbull is kick arse. And the Kerri-Anne bikini body dilemma.  

Show notes

Kerri-Anne in her bikini.

Lucy Turnbull is one kick arse woman.

Jess Irvine writes why marriage equality will be a massive boost to the economy

For more Turnbull, Jamila recommends reading Robert Manne in The Monthly
Why was Prince Phillip knighted? Because the Queen said so. 
Jamila is getting into Country Music, y'all. And all because of Nashville 
Mia loves the kids book Fearless by Colin Thompson
Monique recommends this episode of All In The Mind about The Truman Show
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