Sonia Kruger Needs A Sultana Cake.

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Sonia Kruger Needs A Sultana Cake.

We unpack the Sonia Kruger racism debate and wonder: what does free speech entail, exactly? And why do celebrity opinions make the news?  What is “cultural appropriation” and does it mean we all need to stop wearing bindi’s and kimonos? The pressure on women to have a "natural" birth is absurd. The emoji change that's well overdue, the cult of fitness, the sperm of Mick Jagger, the joy of a sultana cake, and why you should go and see Tarzan and Ghostbusters this weekend.

Show notes:

This show is hosted and produced by Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito

Mia recommends seeing Ghost Busters

Monique recommends Insight on SBS

Bossy recommends seeing Tarzan

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