Some people never masturbate. True story.

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Some people never masturbate. True story.

As this weekend's release of the steamiest movie of the year looms, not everyone is rushing out to buy a ticket.  With calls to boycott the movie for 
"glorifying" violence against women, we ask; why is there such a real-life response to this fictional story?

The "debasement" continues when Monique is cornered into admitting something verrrrry private.

Mega songstress superstar Sia has a social phobia that sees her don wigs for events, cover her face on TV, and wear a paper bag over her head for magazine covershoots. Her approach has raised some interested questions in the age of celebrity: could anxiety ever be used as a marketing tool?

And is it possible to like Jacqui Lambie?

Show notes

Rosie Waterland expected the movie to be a cheesy laugh.  Instead, she walked out on the verge of tears.

Lisa Wilkinson ripped it a new one, giving it one star. And that's was just for the choc-top she consoled herself with. 

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Steve Knopper from Rolling Stone wrote this great longform profile about Sia and her social phobia,  published in the New York Times Magazine.

The full Jacqui Lambie interview from ABC's Hack is here. (The reporter was Jo Lauder, it's really interesting listening, and an excellent podcast).

Read more about Mia's TV obsession, Scandal.

Not into artsy art? Neither is Jam, but then she saw the Chuck Close exhibition and was blown away. 

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