Sex & The City: The Show That Changed Everything

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Sex & The City: The Show That Changed Everything

Twenty years ago, Sex & The City burst onto our screens and changed the way women saw themselves. Here at Mamamia Out Loud we’ve been talking a lot about the podcast that has brought Sex & The City back into our lives, Origins, which is why we thought we’d do an entire episode devoted to the series that shaped the way we thought about the world.

Holly, Mia and Jessie look back at the show that was so iconic - and the movies (that weren’t as iconic) and ponder a lot of questions...

Like how did it help shape the world?

Was it a little problematic?

Should there have been more diversity?

Was Carrie really as painful as everyone makes out?

And, if it came back, would it still be relevant?

Hosts: Holly Wainwright,  Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

You can watch Sex & The City on Foxtel now.


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