Sam's Undies, Mel's Movies, and Presents for Men

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Sam's Undies, Mel's Movies, and Presents for Men

When Sam Armytage’s undies became the target of the paparazzi, the response from the public was swift and fierce. The curious case of Mel Gibson’s comeback; would you support a movie that’s directed by a man with a dodgy history? What do you get men for Christmas? A little help for if you’re stuck in man-gift limbo. And why women need a pack to sunscreen each other's backs this summer.

Show Notes

Your host and producer is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Holly Wainwright.

Holly hosts the hilarious podcast for parents: This Glorious Mess.

Thanks to author, writer, columnist and advice-giverer Jacqui Lunn for single-handedly raising the profile of Atlases this Christmas.

Monz recommends having a squiz at #clothesmyhusbandhates on Instagram

Holly recommends voting for Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson for the Logies

Mia recommends this Teen Vogue article on how Trump is Gaslighting America

Jessie Stephens is away in Bali and will be back in 2017

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