How To Tell If You're Rich In Australia

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How To Tell If You're Rich In Australia

What makes you ‘rich’ in Australia in 2020? The Prime Minister started a bit of a ding-dong this week when he suggested that someone earning $180k was not ‘rich’, and plenty of commentators weighed in. Since no-one can agree on a number, we’ve come up with a different way to tell if you are, in fact, rich. 

Plus, why aren’t we talking about estrangement in families? Kee Reece, who is filling in for Mia, talks about how Mariah Carey’s new memoir made her feel seen, heard and understood when it comes to disconnecting from toxic family members.  

And, our best and worst of the week.


Jessie wants you to watch Song Explorer on Netflix. 

You can hear more from Kee by listening to The Spill: 


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