Rebel Wilson lies about her age. So do we.

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Rebel Wilson lies about her age. So do we.

What's it really like being on a reality TV show? Monique knows. She's been on one. And she hasn't eaten a croissant since. Also, it's Rebel Wilson's birthday but her actual real-life age is a mystery.  Why are we so scared of getting older? Mia had a conversation about the pill with both her mother and her 9 year old daughter...but for good reason. And there's a new food movement that is the polar opposite of Pete Evans.

Show notes

Monique on The Great Australian Bakeoff.  (Also you should try baking that spiced cider bread. It is frickin amazing).

Mia is obsessed with The Alex Baldwin podcast - click through or search "Here's The Thing" in itunes.

Jam mentioned this Rebecca Sparrow article about Ageing being a privilege

If you haven't read To Kill A Mockingbird you should put it on your list. It's a classic.

Monique is pumped about the latest in plain food popups: Cereal Anytime

More history on The Pill here.


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