Prince Harry, Mrs Franklin and Your Unfashionable Breasts.

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Prince Harry, Mrs Franklin and Your Unfashionable Breasts.

Apparently there are other things going on other than the US election. Things like Prince Harry’s new girlfriend. Is she really ‘princess material’? And more to the point, should she want to be? And in case you missed it, boobs are now out of fashion. Vogue said so. Plus, Gable Tostee is looking at a six-figure deal to tell his story on 60 Minutes after being found not guilty of the murder of his Tinder date. But should we be watching?

Show Notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman & Jessie Stephens

our producer is Elissa Ratliff 

Jessie thinks you should listen to The Berlin Patient podcast. Mia wants you all to take the Bias quiz (google it) and Holly thinks you should watch anything Samantha Bee has ever made. 

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