Plebiscites, Gym-Shaming And The Problem With Comedy

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Plebiscites, Gym-Shaming And The Problem With Comedy

Lick your stamp and prepare the glitter. Because just when you thought the marriage equality debacle couldn’t be more ridiculous, we might be voting for it via Australia Post. Chris Lilley is in hot water after a social media bungle, which has a lot of people asking; is what we found funny from ten years ago seem very tone deaf today? Does your gym tell you “Summer bodies are made in Winter”? We call bullsh*t on that. A listener dilemma: If a friend is lying about her gastric-banding-induced weight-loss; should I call her out on it?
Messy house? We have the “House Rules” that will turn you tidy. And there are six great background TV shows to put on when your brain is Netflix-fried.

Show notes

Your host is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Monique Bowley, blame her for any sound errors. 

Monz recommends Luxury Escapes if you want to feel like a millionaire.

Mia recommends Friends From College for brilliant background TV. It's on Netflix 

Jessie recommends Pantene's 3 minute miracle conditioner for hair that is so shiny and soft you will want to curl up into it for a good nap.

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